Saturday, 10 July 2010

My Topshop Confession

Please don't hate me.

I cannot stand Topshop.

There. I SAID IT. But please, do not lynch me with pitchforks and instruments of torture! Let me EXPLAIN!!

Okay, so the last time I bought something from Topshop, other than a few months ago I bought a couple of things from their makeup range was maybe...  2 years ago? Perhaps more? I think maybe it was their V jeans, I liked those.. lovely fit.

Okay, so here is why I am not a Topshop lover.

1. They are too "trendy".
Some of the stuff they have in there is just so unbelievably shit. I understand some p[oeple like their "out there" fashion, and I also understand that "catwalk fashion" is designed to exaggerate upcoming seasonal trends, but sometimes I find that a lot of Topshop pieces are just terribly unwearable.

L-R toilet roll cover, potato sack, leopard monstrosity, something spewed from 1983, MC Hammer's pants, and.. and... what???
I am so sorry if anybody owns or likes these. Please remember this is just my opinion, but is this some sort of fashion piss take?! What ARE those? Okay, some things I see on the site or in the shop are not necessarily my style.. for example there are a lot of baggy items around which I think are overpriced in Topshop (but more on that later..) but a lot of these I just see as being rediculous. I find a lot of clothes in Topshop are aimed at the more obnoxious "fashion pretentious hipster" crowd. It's like LookBook. Some of the looks on there are great bhut so many to me just look terrible, overly trendy and pretentious. 
I dress and wear clothes  for them to look flattering on me and my body. I'm not an art display, I will not drape ,myself in ridiculous creations for the sake of following a trend. jeggings look shit on me, make my legs look like carrots, I ain't wearing the buggers. Super flare jeans look fab on me, I'm gunna bloody wear 'em! Don't get me wrong, some people look amazing in jeggings, so go ahead, wear them, but not me!

 2. Overpriced.
So, when I do get down to finding something in Topshop that I think is pretty or nice or wearable. I then look at the price tag and recoil in horror. £40 for a Tshirt?? Are you having a laugh?? Example:

L-R gold button cardigan £32, Blue embellished cardi £38, Floral cardi £35, khaki jersey cardi £22, denim jacket £40

All these items can be purchased elewhere so much cheaper? Example:

 I bought this floral cardigan for £9 from Primark, embellished jumper in Primark for £9 which was also available in beige, I found a baby blue cardigan version in New Look a couple of weeks ago for £25, and H&M had a baby pink one for £19.99. My denim jacket was £25 from New Look, and a jersey cardigan for £7 in Primark. That's a saving of £85 just on those items.
I just can't justify spending double the amount when i could get the same thing for cheaper. Sometimes cheaper clothing quality isn't the same, but other times it is, and you can use your own judgment to determine the quality of clothing by looking at them. I've bought things from Topshop before that have fallen to bits, and stuff from primark I've had for years. In fact, my first ever Primark purchase was a £4 embellished kaftan that I bought in 2004 is still a holiday and hot weather staple for me. My lovely £40 V jeans however from Topshop last a year, then the button fell off? 

However.. I don't find Topshop all bad.. I have always adored their bags, shoes and Freedom jewelry range.

Buuut... I still find a lot of those overpriced and would most certainly look elsewhere for something cheaper.

Soo... onto the point of my post (yes, there really was one!)

I saw a post on Georgie's blog about her recent visit to the Topshop sales, and them saw a post by Jess on her Topshop sale buys, and what they both bought really caught my eye, especially the skirts Georgie got and Jess's dress. I was bored on my lunch on Thursday, and decided to nip in seeing as it was quiet. I was definitely impressed,, and bought the following:

The skirt was £10 reduced from £35, the link necklace was £3, layered silver necklace £4, and the Love necklace was just £2!

£19 for all those, I was very happy. I also saw a lace body on sale on my way out that I may have to nip back for, and a lovelt denim mini skirt for £15 but not in my size. I also loved Jess's dress, but they didn't have my size either. While I was there I noticed these cute body's which I think I may buy soon too:

***Please note... this post is intended to be tongue in cheek and lighthearted.***
I have not intended to offend or insult anybody at all, this is not a personal attack on anybody.
This post is entirely opinion based.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Review - M&S Perfection Moisture Lipstick

I bought these lipsticks a few weeks ago and definitely wanted to do a review for them :)

Marks & Spencer Perfection Moisture Lipstick SPF 15
RRP £6.00

Nude (left) and Powder Pink (Right)

Packaging: Black plastic square tube, clear bottom showing the exact shade of the lipstick. The shadw name is show at the bottom.
Colour: Nude is a peachy creamy nude, and Powder Pink is a very cream pale pink.

What I liked: First of all, I loved the simple packaging. I like plain, sleep packaging and this was nice. But it also had a nice feature with the clear plastic bottom. What I liked most about the packaging is the clear plasctic end is actually coloured with the lipstick itself, so you can straight away see the EXACT shade of your lipstick. There is NOTHING more annoying than seeing the little colour label for a lippie in the shop, opening up the tester, and finding it is totally different!!
Both shades are very creamy in formula, and I found them to be quite pigmented for a moisturising lipstick. They wern't super duper moisturising (I'm thinking 17 Mirror Shine here) but they certainly did a good job. Powder pink is my absolute favourite, it;s such a gorgeous pink and looks great.

What I didn't like: Nothing really!!

Powder Pink in natural light and flash

Nude in natural light and flash... my lips are a bit pinky because I'd just rubbed off Powder Pink!!

Powder Pink used in a FOTD


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