Monday, 5 April 2010

Sleek iDivine Palette Review

First review, woop :-)

I bought this palette a couple of months ago, and I thought it was worth talking about.

Brand: Sleek
Name: iDivine
Colour: Storm
Cost: £4.99

What I liked: I loved the rich, jeweled colours. The pigmentation was also really rich, and each shadow blends on very smooth, and is very easy to blend and mix together. I didn't find any of the shades to be chalky or not enough. Each one goes on quite thick so you only need a tiny bit, I can see this lasting me a long time.
1 is a pale coppery gold with great shimmer. It works as a great undertone for greys, blacks, browns, golds, and greens.
2 is a very pale shimmery vanillaery gold. Great I think as a high lighter.
3 is a completely matte beige/biscuit type colour. A good natural colour, good base or undertone.
4 is a gorgeously rich gold which I love.. I wore it recently with black liquid eyeliner and red lips, it looked great.
5 is a beautiful pretty rose gold. I absolutely love this colour, it introduced me to wearing pinks with my eyemakeup. I love mixing it with browns for depth.
6 is a rich golden burgundy/magenta. Probably the colour I've used lease as I;m still learning with makeup and when I put it on it looks like I've received a hefty smack. I do like experimentally mixing it with greys and blacks though.
7 is a gorgeous rich copper brown. Such a classic colour, it mixes so well.
8, god I love this colour! A gorgeous metallic blue.. I've used this with Front Cover's Shadowline and used it as an eyeliner as well as a shadow and it's amazing. I love the richness of it.
9, again, another one I love! I adore rich emerald colours and love mixing this with browns, coppers and golds.
10, a richer, deeper version of 8... gorgeous.
11 a natural, matte essential deep brown. Excellent for natural looks, and creating deeper shadows for copper, gold, bronze and beige shades.
12 is a gorgeously thick, black smudgy coal colour. This is literally like touching burnt coal.. except it goes on so much smoother! I adore this colour, it;s so gloriously thick and dramatic. Only a tiny bit is needed for a deep effect and it layers really well. Great for a deep, smoky look.
What I disliked: Nothing?! For the price, these mineral eyeshadows have amazing pigmentation and go on so well. I can use every single colour and find other colours in the palette to mix them with as well as other eyeshadows I already have. This palette is perfect for taking away with you. I often taken it to work with me on our Friday Nights Out so that I can do my makeup quickly before we go. I suppose maybe the eyeshadow blender they gave with it was a bit crap?!


I didn't apply the swatches very thickly and could quite catch them looking right in the rubbish lighting. This is a great swatch from the fantastic

Would I Buy it Again: Absolutely. I hope they don't discontinue it... I might panic and buy a spare set for when this eventually runs out!


Jen said...

This looks like a useful pallet - I can imagine using this every day!

charleylou said...

i have this palette and i totally agree with's AMAZING! has the best selection of wearable colours i have seen in any drugstore palettes and the pigmentation is awesome for the price! lovely post hun xxx

Leah said...

I love the colors and great that it is minerals. I shifted to all mineral makeup now. Have a great week ahead! xoxo

Leah said...

I've wanted a sleek palette for so long! I wish they had them over here, I think I'm going to buy one on ebay soon. I really like the one you got :)

awful beautiful disarray said...

Okay Jo so I have to ask you- how to always look so amazing. You have THE most gorgeous figure and I want your secret as to how to get it! lol seriously though how to you stay so tiny!?

Love the sleek palette swatches btw. Have really been wanting to get one and this helps make my decision a little easier. :)

Hope you had a great weekend and Easter! :D

Diya said...

wow this palette looks like it might actually be useful for daily looks...

ps. if you have a minute please check out my blog

Lleyow Baguette said...

Aw thanks guys you made my day! Leah, you should def get one on Ebay if you see one for a good price.

Aw Ashley that was the cutest comment ever haha. I took some SERIOUS hard work for me to lose a lot of weight a few years ago! I was thinking of making a blog about it actually.. I'll send you a private message with a bit more info lol.

its simple love said...

Very helpful images. Thank you! And what a great find for such a good price!


Bombshell Becka said...

I love mineral makeup eyeshadows, they blend well and are richly pigmented and shimmer great too...I have waay too many haha. I like that matte shade a lot though, do you find it hard to work with like other matte stuff?

Nathalie said...

Looks like a really great buy. The colours really are wonderful

its simple love said...

P.S. Make sure you enter my Argentine Shoe GIVEAWAY!


jalyssacakex said...

I don't own many very palettes, and the only ones I own are from Coastal Scents, i definitely want variety, so I would defnitely love to try this! Thanks hun
xoxox Jenna

jalyssacakex said...

I don't own many very palettes, and the only ones I own are from Coastal Scents, i definitely want variety, so I would defnitely love to try this! Thanks hun
xoxox Jenna

Jo said...

Becka, I don't find it too hard working with neutral matte finishes as a base or something to deep the colour... shimmers are deifnitly easier though.
Jenna I just bought a Coastal Scents palette, I love it!

Sophie said...

I am so tempted to buy one of these! It would be perfect to take with me around the world. Everyone says how good they are too. Hmmmm!!


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