Friday, 16 April 2010

The Gym - Supersize vs Superskinny

I love watching Supersize vs Superskinny on C4. I especially like the anorexics rehab they're currently following, and I also like Anna Ryder Richardson's bit where she looks at quick body fixes. A couple of you who read my blog know this already, but from the age of 18-21 I lost a total of 5 stone.. and I did it without follwing any "celebrity diets", body shreds, superdiets, diet pills, procedures.. just a lot of sweat, hard work, and a whole bloody lot of common sense.

I always enjoy the bit Anna does because I just think it's mental the extremes some people will go to. But one that always gripes me, and really annoyed me this week, is she always bitches about the gym and people who go to the gym. This week she met the singer Jamelia to talk about how she keeps her gorgeous legs in shape.

The first thing Jamelia said was that she doesn't go to the gym, and Anna responded with "OH I LOVE YOU! It's so good that someone with such a great body DOESN'T go to the gym, I hate the gym!" and was basically praising Jamelia for not being a gym goer, and expressing her dislike for people go use the gym.

Okay. I like the gym!! I know a lot of people don't.. but my gym is cheap, friendly, at the back of my house, and it;s a great place for me to run, stretch, bike, and workout without having to face the elements. I can just stick my Ipod on and have a pick of various different workouts depending on my mood and energy level. Now, I won't lie, I prefer going for long walks, running outside/down the woods, and I really enjoy bike riding.. basically anything outdoors.. but for convenience and for when the weather is shit, the gym to me is great. And I do enjoy it while I'm there, I like being active and I feel good afterwards..  The gym was part of the reason why I was able to lose the weight that I did. That and running, and completely overhauling the way I ate.

I also find people I work with and certain friends, that they seem to resent my enjoyment of the gym and can make me feel like a bit of a leper for going. At work if I say no to a biscuit when people bring them in, just because I don't particularly WANT one, everyone looks at me mortified, while they praise each other for their "naughtiness" and finish the lot. I will say now I don't like these girls who sit and pick at a bit of lettuce for their lunch, and I'm certainly not one, I adore my food, but I don't see why people seem to get so resentful over people who just like to eat well and look after themselves and they get made out to be "boring".

This is just a bit of a rant! What are your thoughts?


holly said...

i will definitely go to the gym when i am old enough (:. i think it's a much better alternative to all these strange crash diets!,X

Pea. said...

I think a lot of people think that it's ONLY by going to the gym that they can lose weight and that might be what Anna is trying to get across. Albeit a bit too harshly lol

Well done for losing so much weight!

Jo said...

Yeah I mean I used to try all sorts of rubbish when I was younger - only eating soup, skipping meals etc.. I wanted something that would work fast, but then I started thinking well it hasn't worked, bugger it, how about a little common sense and just exercising and eating better? I like to get variety when it comes ot exercise... walking, running, biking, indoors at the gym.. the only thing I don't like is swimming lol.

Yeah I think that was what she was getting at Joanna, it was the way she put it like she was making out that the gym wasn't an acceptable form of exercise, or that working to get a nice figure or being active was a bad thing! I liked Jamelia though, she said that she did a lot of outdoor biking and just took care of herself, she came across well.

City Girls Fashion Box said...

i don't personally go to the gym (partly because i cant be bothered and i already go to water areobics - dont laugh, i jump up and down while singing along to 80's hits!)

maybe people get abit narky about you going to the gym because they are well.. jealous, alot of people dont have the time or expence to go. i wouldnt let it bother you, i think its great that your doing something you love, it IS good for you and that that you actually care about your body.

as for Anna Ryder Richardson, they always have pumped up views for television, i wouldnt bother listening to that crap out of her mouth :)

Anonymous said...

I watch this show too and what I love about it is that it covers both over weight and under weight issues and tries to get to the reason for this behaviour rather than just saying go on a diet and get to the gym.
I don't go to the gym myself, although I would love to, I lack motivation to go there in the first place but once I'm there I love it. I prefer everyday exercise like walking, taking the stairs instead of a lift etc.

Sarah said...

I agree! I am rubbish at food (I love it too much) but I do adore exercise (although I'll swap you cycling for swimming, I love love love swimming!) - running, swimming, aerobics, gym-ing, I love how it makes me feel, gets rid of stress and even if my eating is not amazing (though not out of control, I will stress haha), I feel as though I'm in control if I've sweated for an hour beforehand!

Stuff everyone else - they wish they had your willpower! So does Anna - I bought her diet book last year and it was essentially everything she argues against on Supersize (no sugar, no carbs, no alcohol blah blah blah) BECAUSE she can't be bothered to exercise - everything in moderation, including moderation!

Sarah x

blahh said...

I LOVE this programme!
i know what you mean about her diminishing the gym- i love going and feeling fitter afterwards, but i think it's so people don't feel bad for not going?
congrats on your fantastic weight loss! i bet you feel much better for it now?

Jo said...

Oh I love water/aqua aerobics Sarah (CGFB)! It's so funny haha.
Yeah, my cousin always says that she assumes people are jealous because she enjoys the gym, but she (and I) hate the way people seem to assume of accuse you of being dull. And yeah Anna Ryder Richardson I've never been a big fan of and I think on Supersize it;s clear she's just "playing a part".

That's exactly why I love it too Helen! I like that it makes people look at the extremities, it really makes you think.

Oh Sarah you can keep swimming! I like being in the water but I get bored just swimming up and down.. and I have major issues with the cold.. getting into the changing rooms after when its freezing makes me want to DIE! I definitly find exercising helps me destress to. if I;m not doing anything on fridays after work (like tonight) I usually go and it helps me chill out after the week at work.
Yeah Anna is always appearing in mags talking about diets.. she witters on on Supersize about how she hates her bum and stomach and I;m like.. what's wrong with your bum or your legs or whatever?!

Thanks blaah (what's your name?!) it was tough but so worth it! I love your blog so far BTW, I also have 17's Lasting Fix in Mint Choc Chip!

Bombshell Becka said...

I have a love/hate relationship with the gym. I haven't gone to one in years because they're expensive and I'm a poor student. At my uni they had one free but I still rarely went...I make excuses and never seem to have time. I hated bringing a change of clothes, or walking home in sweaty gear, or changing at the gym. I think what would work best for me in terms of gym would be if I had an apartment with a gym in the building...then I could elevator down and work out, elevator up and shower.

Jo said...

Yeah I would love that Becka! I definitely need one close 'cause when it;s raining and stuff I just wanna stay inside lol.

marshall said...
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