Monday, 10 May 2010

Topshop Makeup Reviews

As I posted earlier, I bought a few items from the new Topshop makeup range.

Lip Polish in Melba

First up is the Lip Polish in Melba. I normally go for pale nude pinks and berry shades, but as I have so many i thought why not try something new?
What I liked: I really did like the colour once I tried it. I wasn't sure if it would sui me but I really liked it. I also liked that the colour was strong without being overpowering like a lipstick. I prefer things subtle and this was great. It also had a nice, non sticky consistency, and the packaging is very cute.
What I disliked: There isn't a whole lot there for £6, 3.5g, and although the packing is very nice, it's quite chunky considering how little there is in there. The mirror is a very cute touch,, but so tiny I could barely see 1 tooth in it, nevermind my lips!
Would I buy this product again: Yeah I think so, although if I found something similar for a lower price or better value for money I'd choose that instead. I have Sleek's Pout Polishes which are £3.99 for 10g, thought ATM they only have 3 shades.. I definitely loved the colour though.

Nails in Carry on Camping
Forgot to take a pic so you're having one from the site lol!
What I liked: I was excited for the colour of this nail polish...
What I disliked: AND WAS MASSIVELY DISAPPOINTED!!! It was like applying green water to my nails? So runny and one coat looked terrible! I applied too and it still wasn't opaque enough. For £5 I expected MUCH more.
Would I buy this product again? No I bloody well won't!

One coat..

Two coats
 It looks like flippin' peas! Bad times Topshop, bad times.

Eye Crayon in Midnight

What I liked: I loved the colour and the shimmer! I love navy hues, they look great with so many eye colours. I also loved how thick and pigmented this was, a light stroke gave a lot of product without it being difficult to work. Very easily to apply and blend, and great shimmer.
What I disliked: Nothing really?
Would I buy this product again? Definitely, I want to try the other shades!

Worn with Front Cover's Eye Spy Moon River as a base, Taffeta Blue over the lid, Black Ink on the outer corner, and the eye crayon on my upper lashes blended in.


Georgie said...

Ooohhh i will have to purchase some topshop make-up now. I bite my nails.. bad habit so the nail polish is a no go. But that's disappointing about the nail varnish!

But the eye liner looks awesome and the lip colour is gorgeous.

Thanks for this review x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review, i really like the colour of lipstick, But i think the size would put me off

lovelyviolet5 said...

The lip polish looks gorgeous!!Thanks for the review!!!

♥ Makeup Kitten ♥ said...

Nice & honest review! Will definitely stay clear of the nail polish!!

Pencil and lip polish look really nice. Think I'll have to check them out again :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with the shimmery eye pencil.

Michelle said...

I had my hopes up high for the nail varnish collection, the colours are so pretty. I was going to go for lighter shades than the green but seeing how sheer the colour is in reality, I'll have to reconsider.
The lip polish looks lovely on you, I'll definitely check it out =) x

Em x said...

I've got a few of the make up bits to post about, i love the ye crayon on you, its so pretty. Shame about the nail polish though :(

missy_ellie_uk said...

Lovely lip colour. But boo for the crap nail varnish! x

Jo said...

I know girls, I was gutted about the polish. 5 of my fine English pounds! Gone! Nevermind, I live and learn.
But yeah, anyone considering the crayon I DEFINITELY recommend getting it, it's gorgeous. I want to buy the black one, brown one, and peachy coloured one.

Kirsty said...

Ha, I lol'd at the peas statement!

Your eyes look delish! Very pretty pencil indeed, really suits you xx

Jo said...

Aw thanks Kirsty!

LadyBugSays ... said...

Love that eye look!


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