Saturday, 10 July 2010

My Topshop Confession

Please don't hate me.

I cannot stand Topshop.

There. I SAID IT. But please, do not lynch me with pitchforks and instruments of torture! Let me EXPLAIN!!

Okay, so the last time I bought something from Topshop, other than a few months ago I bought a couple of things from their makeup range was maybe...  2 years ago? Perhaps more? I think maybe it was their V jeans, I liked those.. lovely fit.

Okay, so here is why I am not a Topshop lover.

1. They are too "trendy".
Some of the stuff they have in there is just so unbelievably shit. I understand some p[oeple like their "out there" fashion, and I also understand that "catwalk fashion" is designed to exaggerate upcoming seasonal trends, but sometimes I find that a lot of Topshop pieces are just terribly unwearable.

L-R toilet roll cover, potato sack, leopard monstrosity, something spewed from 1983, MC Hammer's pants, and.. and... what???
I am so sorry if anybody owns or likes these. Please remember this is just my opinion, but is this some sort of fashion piss take?! What ARE those? Okay, some things I see on the site or in the shop are not necessarily my style.. for example there are a lot of baggy items around which I think are overpriced in Topshop (but more on that later..) but a lot of these I just see as being rediculous. I find a lot of clothes in Topshop are aimed at the more obnoxious "fashion pretentious hipster" crowd. It's like LookBook. Some of the looks on there are great bhut so many to me just look terrible, overly trendy and pretentious. 
I dress and wear clothes  for them to look flattering on me and my body. I'm not an art display, I will not drape ,myself in ridiculous creations for the sake of following a trend. jeggings look shit on me, make my legs look like carrots, I ain't wearing the buggers. Super flare jeans look fab on me, I'm gunna bloody wear 'em! Don't get me wrong, some people look amazing in jeggings, so go ahead, wear them, but not me!

 2. Overpriced.
So, when I do get down to finding something in Topshop that I think is pretty or nice or wearable. I then look at the price tag and recoil in horror. £40 for a Tshirt?? Are you having a laugh?? Example:

L-R gold button cardigan £32, Blue embellished cardi £38, Floral cardi £35, khaki jersey cardi £22, denim jacket £40

All these items can be purchased elewhere so much cheaper? Example:

 I bought this floral cardigan for £9 from Primark, embellished jumper in Primark for £9 which was also available in beige, I found a baby blue cardigan version in New Look a couple of weeks ago for £25, and H&M had a baby pink one for £19.99. My denim jacket was £25 from New Look, and a jersey cardigan for £7 in Primark. That's a saving of £85 just on those items.
I just can't justify spending double the amount when i could get the same thing for cheaper. Sometimes cheaper clothing quality isn't the same, but other times it is, and you can use your own judgment to determine the quality of clothing by looking at them. I've bought things from Topshop before that have fallen to bits, and stuff from primark I've had for years. In fact, my first ever Primark purchase was a £4 embellished kaftan that I bought in 2004 is still a holiday and hot weather staple for me. My lovely £40 V jeans however from Topshop last a year, then the button fell off? 

However.. I don't find Topshop all bad.. I have always adored their bags, shoes and Freedom jewelry range.

Buuut... I still find a lot of those overpriced and would most certainly look elsewhere for something cheaper.

Soo... onto the point of my post (yes, there really was one!)

I saw a post on Georgie's blog about her recent visit to the Topshop sales, and them saw a post by Jess on her Topshop sale buys, and what they both bought really caught my eye, especially the skirts Georgie got and Jess's dress. I was bored on my lunch on Thursday, and decided to nip in seeing as it was quiet. I was definitely impressed,, and bought the following:

The skirt was £10 reduced from £35, the link necklace was £3, layered silver necklace £4, and the Love necklace was just £2!

£19 for all those, I was very happy. I also saw a lace body on sale on my way out that I may have to nip back for, and a lovelt denim mini skirt for £15 but not in my size. I also loved Jess's dress, but they didn't have my size either. While I was there I noticed these cute body's which I think I may buy soon too:

***Please note... this post is intended to be tongue in cheek and lighthearted.***
I have not intended to offend or insult anybody at all, this is not a personal attack on anybody.
This post is entirely opinion based.


holly said...

finally someone with some sense! i do like some of things in topshop however i could never in a million years justify spending the money on them when they are cheaper in good old primark (:,X

♥ Makeup Kitten ♥ said...

Hear, hear! I so agree with you on this. Topshop is too expensive for what you get!!

Lovely sale bargains you got there, though. Skirt looks fab! :)


The Brunette said...

lol lol lol

your post cracked me up!

I agree with what you said I do think TS do some nice things but they are way overpriced. I only buy things from there in the sale.

I do like their ballet pumps, jewellery and bags though!

Some of the 'out there' items are just ridiculous

Lucy said...

Jo!! Am outraged! I jest - I do understand what you're saying - Topshop is massively overpriced and some of the stuff is craaaazy, but I do still love it! I can't help it! xx

Michelle Chai. said...

Loved the post, my own Topshop obsession is slowly waning, most of the clothes are gorgeous, if not a little basic and "try-hard" at the moment, and crazily overpriced.. If I see something I want, I always scour ebay before making my purchase :) Michelle xx

Anonymous said...

I've never bought anything from Top Shop. I never have money on me when there is a sale, and I'm not about to spend any money on their ridiculously expensive clothes. Hah.

nicoletta said...

The skirt is gorgeous, i rarely buy from topshop either but i do like the fit of there jeans and the jewelry range xx

trinket box said...

Those cycling shorts are horrific!
I do like just some of Topshop's stuff but I don't buy from there much as it's so expensive - I usually wait for the sale as I refuse to pay the ridiculous prices! xx

City Girls Fashion Box said...

jo, you know my love of topshop is some what crazed and slighly somewhat overboard.

but i do agree with you - but i like to think that i pick out the 'normal' items and THANK THE LORD FOR MY STUDENT CARD.

love! xxx

Kirsty said...

I could sit and write a long assed reply to this but I have decided to sum it all up in one simple statement.

I love you! haha xx

Shabna said...

Thank the lord I'm not the only one! I was going to buy that skirt - is it flattering? xxx

Em x said...

Lol this post made me laugh. I do love a bit of Topshop but some of the things in there just make me laugh! I do find the dresses in there fit me well though and i'm loving their maternity range! x

Belle xx said...

haha this post is so refreshing
i kinda have a love/hate relationship with topshop
some of their pieces are lovely but i can rarely afford them
in a recent post i stated that i only really ever get bits from the sale ha
belle xx

Anonymous said...

I think topshop is overpriced with a lot of their products. Esp when you fall in love with it and then look at the price tag and DIE A LITTLE INSIDE cos it's so damn expensive. Lol.
I like their jewellery range though :D

That skirt is pretty :)


Jo said...

I am shocked - SHOCKED - at these replies! I was expecting my followers go to down to about 4 and have loads of evil responses hahaha. I am so glad I;m not alone!!

..R May A.. said...

I know what you mean about topshop - some of their stuff is just really unwearable!
I always pop in there though just to browse because I've picked up some bargains before :)
-Love that skirt!

pip a la chic said...

Well I never been to topshop as Australia doesn't have one. But if I ever go to the UK I am going to Primark, all you UK bloggers have me green with envy seeing al your pretty things :)

❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

i love the accessories! :)

new follower here..


Liparazzi said...

Well done Jo, you made me laugh more than I have done in the last few days! I don't particularly like Topshop either and I do think the stuff is overpriced. I'm not a fan of following stupid trends just because people want to be Lady GaGa. Clothes should be flattering and most of the avant garde stuff just isn't flattering, it's downright ridiculous! I totally agree with everything you said but do like the stuff you got...especially the skirt. They do nice jeans so sometimes I pop in there for those but otherwise, I prefer H & M, Monsoon or French Connection (albeit they are also overpriced!)ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I agree Topshop is expensive compared to Primark, but then that can be said about Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Monsoon, Oasis, Warehouse, I could go on. Anyway I think it's just down to personal taste, quality, sizing and what you're willing to spend. For me Topshop and the other stores I mentioned fit me better than Primark, have the classics I look for and last a long time and I'm willing to pay extra for that.

Marie said...

I completely understand your point, Jo. Same sentiments.:D
Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
& Life According to Marie.

Jo said...

Ah sorry Helen, I should have made it clear I wasn't comparing Topshop to primark specifically.. just as an example. i find DP to be better value than Topshop, and Miss Selfridge, Warehouse, oasis, FCUK etc I do find pricey.... but a lot of iteas are worth the price and seem to be more wearable as a whole when I look at what's in stock.. but that's just me and my personal choice really.

LadyBugSays ... said...

Fab post, I think the only time I have bought anything from Topshop is either in the sale or from the concession stands, which oddly seem to be alot better value than the Topshop own brand stuff!

Rosie said...

I hate topshop too, all their stuff is too grandma or too 1973

EilidhPie said...

I agree, topshop is overpriced! The only thing I tend to buy in there is jeans, because they fit me so well. the last pair I got I managed to get in the sale, so they were only £15! :)
I completely agree about the bags , shoes & jewellery! xx

libys11 said...

i love topshop, but yes.. i have to agree that they can get overpriced. zara is at times so much cheaper! plus, it's not available here in my city, so when i resort to online shopping, the international fees are insane!!!! but im still coveting some of their shoes, blazers and bodysuits (aahh bodysuits, i live for them! hahaha!)

Animated Confessions

QuiteQuaint said...

haha this post made me laugh, its the first time ive seen your blog and the first post caught my eye straight away, i had to keep reading. i couldnt believe it! hah. im a topshop junkie, but im not proud to admit it, of course i buy things from other shops too but i do have a lot of stuff from there. I totally agree with all your points though! topshop really does have some absolute shite! but then again there are some lovely pieces, but they are over priced. My student discount takes care of that at the moment. anyway from a topshop lover to a hater, nice post, oh and nice skirt! x

Hannah said...

Haha I totally's way over priced for bad quality. I have some things from Primark which have lasted longer than Topshop items!!

I gave you an award on my blog, so check it out!


Jo said...

LOL Rosie that made me laugh!

Quite Quaint - ooh thank you :DI;m glad it didn't make you click the big red X on your browser in an angry fashion hehe. How I wish I had student discount lol.

Andrea said...

I have to disagree. For a start, I don't see how Topshop can be considered expensive! It's one of the cheaper high street shops that I go to regularly. There are far more expensive high street stores than Topshop.

I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for. If you buy a top from Primark for a couple of pounds, will it last a few years of solid wear? I seriously doubt it.

Also, lets not forget about why Primark is so cheap, those clothes are not being made ethically. I for one could not have a clear conscience knowing that my £5 jeans were made by a child in Bangladesh that got paid next to nothing for doing so.


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